Mademoiselle Felee catches architectural design spirit to reveal it into Art Deco elegant style monument jewelry.

Mademoiselle Felee is a jewelry brand with unique design, inspired from architecture. Drawing her inspiration from cities and their emblematic monuments, French designer Aurore François, trained at Studio Bercot Paris. Since 2010, she travels the world and gets her inspiration from mythical monuments and creates unique pieces for women looking for singularity.

From the Eiffel Tower, she took the minimalist shape, the delicate metallic lace structure… From the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, she repeats the ultra-feminine graphic patterns. She makes original and elegant bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces or headbands.

Each creation is made of cut and engraved brass and gilded with silver or fine gold and produced in limited edition in France in the stylist’s studio.


A few words from the stylist recorded by Iconic French :

About her story :
I have always been creative. When a child, I used to design furniture and clothes for my Barbie dolls. I subsequently had to switch my focus on academics but when I got a chance to take control of my own destiny, I chose to go back to design. After two years studying foreign languages, I joined the Studio Berçot in Paris. While in training, I exhibited my first work for “Les Perméables” at Palais de Tokyo. After graduating, I gained experience with Karine Arabian, Guy Laroche and Corpus Christi design studios, where I was alternatively in charge of accessories, jewelry, printed fabrics and embroidery. I also worked as a graphic designer and as a photo stylist for fashion magazines, before launching my own brand in 2010, which got two awards by the professional fashion press.

About her creative process :
My first source of inspiration was the Eiffel tower, that's why the brand is named "Mademoiselle Felee"  (note: “Fêlée” is a double entente, meaning “cracked” and “loony” but is also here linked to the Eiffel Tower as in French, “Fêlée” is the sound made by the two reversed syllables of “Eiffel”)
For each new collection, I choose a monument I want to pay tribute to, travel to the city where it is, take lots of photos and make thorough research. When some shapes reveal themselves that can be translated into jewelry, I draw jewelry on paper and patterns on my computer to be sent to the laser cutter. Then I grind the cut pieces down and send them to my gilder to finish them into fine gold or silver. Finally, I assemble all the pieces to create my jewelry new collection.

About her future :
I'd like to travel the world to allow every woman to wear her favorite emblematic monument or souvenir from a magic journey.